Thanks you everyone who participated in the free KINDLE giveaway of Knights of the Blackdowns on Bank Holiday Monday (31st August) and Tuesday 1st September.

In total, 1,200 of you downloaded the Kindle edition over 48 hours, from as far afield as Australia, India, Brazil and Japan. American readers were far and away the most voracious! US readers downloaded over 1,000 of the total, which was an unexpected but pleasant surprise. I hope the British sense of humour translates.

By the end, Knights was #4 in Amazon’s Historical Mysteries ranking, which helps get me noticed and for the bots at Amazon to work out who likes the book (and #17 in romance, fighting my way through the six packs and sporrans 🙂)

I’d be VERY grateful if you would leave me a review on Amazon (and/or Goodreads too, if you use it). Your reviews are lifeblood for indie authors!


Amazon Ranking #4
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